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We want to cater to all ages and hopefully help a child realise their full potential. We coach from the age of four to sixteen and continue to have major success with confidence issues alone. Every single child deserves to have the chance to realise what they are capable of and be socially active. We feel showing the youngsters the benefits of exercise can only help them grow in life while having fun.     

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This class is from age 4-10 and helps the kids get used to the benefits of exercise and be socially active, all while having some fun.

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This class is for age group 11-15 which will introduce those young adults to all aspects of basic boxing with no pressure to fight or spar. We coach each individual to the level of experience while also adapting circuit-based training, all while having fun.

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We believe every child deserves the same opportunity as everyone else and we have coached those on the ASD spectrum with great success stories. We can travel to assisted living homes of service users if needed or any relevant club or association. Equally we want to help any school show pupils the benefit of exercise and well-being.



This class is aimed at those young adults from age 13-16. A great class to introduce teenagers to all aspects of the gym environment with the correct use of weights and equipment coached at every session.

Kids Running


We offer 1-1 sessions those from age 8-15 to aid sport performance, be socially active or those on the ASD spectrum or suffer from emotional or anxiety issues.  

Kids Playing Soccer


Whatever sport it may be we can help to improve fitness and performance levels. More and more of our youth teams are benefitting from strength and conditioning sessions which aid overall team performance and endurance.


Research studies have noted many benefits of physical activity for children with ASD. Perhaps not surprisingly, improvements in physical fitness, including improves endurance, strength, flexibility, and weight loss, have been noted with children with ASD. Behavioral improvements have also been noted with the use of exercise. Children with ASD have demonstrated decreased stereotypic and self-stimulating behaviors (arms flapping, rocking, spinning), decreased aggression and disruptive behaviors, and improvements in on-task behavior increased responsiveness and accuracy to academic demands. These improvements were noted to last between 40- and 90- minutes after exercise. 

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