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Throughout my life I loved to train, be fit, and have loads of energy to burn, I got this from my love of playing football for over 25 years. At around 34 I started to lose the love of playing football but still loved to be fit and energetic, this is where the gym entered my life.


With a lot of personal issues going on and the loss of my father a few years previous, I also realised my mental health was also crumbling, this again is where the gym became my life even more.


I found a love for not only training but also coaching with my mental health improving and my mood in a very good place, I was beginning a new life I never felt possible.


Fast forward four years and I am now growing my business and love nothing more than helping the young and old, whether it is in the gym or through my charity u-4-u mental health and suicide awareness. I have completed several marathons and ran charity shows and helped those on the ASD spectrum.


Now I want to help you!!  


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